logo crayocer miniaturaPigmented ceramic composite presented in the form of crayons and chalks for use in ceramic decoration.

Developed for both over and under glaze decoration as directly as they are bisque Vitrifiable. Cooking temperature from 980º to 1200 °. Compound free of lead.

Uniform smooth stroke and simply decorated obtaining intense and brilliant results. Moistening the support or crayon get an even more solid and intense stroke. Crayocer is also acuareable wetting the decoration with a brush lightly moistened with water. Wide color range with 20 colors.


crayocer curve



Yellow DPC501

crayocer yellow DPC501

Yellow DPC502

crayocer Sun yellow DPC502

Orange DPC503

crayocer orange DPC503

Red DPC504

crayocer red DPC504

Honey DPC505

crayocer Honey DPC505

Beige DPC507

crayocer beige DPC507

Coral DPC508

crayocer Coral DPC508

Salmon DPC509

crayocer Red coral  DPC509

Chocolate DPC510

crayocer chocolate DPC510

Pink DPC511

crayocer pink DPC511

Pistachio DPC512

crayocer pistachio DPC512

Chrome DPC513

crayocer Chrome Green DPC513

Bottle DPC514

crayocer Bottle Green DPC514

Green Co DPC515

crayocer Cobalt Green DPC515

Violet DPC516

crayocer Violet DPC516

Light Blue DPC517

crayocer SkyBlue DPC517

Blue Co DPC519

crayocer cobalt Blue DPC519

Black DPC520

crayocer Black DPC520

Grey DPC521

crayocer grey DPC521