logo tecnipaint miniaturaPigmented emulsions and glazes for ceramic decoration the third fire and over / under glaze. Colored with pigments high performance and ultra-fine particle size, combined with fluxing great development to achieve a result of intensive and highly bright. Emulsions perfectly homogenised with a carrier medium and high capacity drying emulsion for soft brush stroke, continuous and solid.

Fully miscible with each other, obtaining an infinite color range. Pastel effects combine to achieve white DPC300 with any of the other references. Lead-free and water-based. Application of faience (third fire) in the case of the 800 series; in the case of series 1000C application can also be performed on and under glaze. Wide range of cooking, from traditional to more industrial cycles and short. The maximum cooking temperatures between 780º-850º understand and 950th-1020º. Wide color range. 18 standard tones, hues and 6 6 metallized luminescent colors.