logo tecnidraw miniaturaInk pen with pigmented ceramic high-performance ceramic colors for ceramic decoration. perfectly emulsified inks that allow a uniform solid line and getting very definite designs decorate obtaining results very bright and intense effect brush.
Decoration over and under glaze for maximum temperature of 1 180C and the third fire decoration maximum temperature of 850 ° C. Developed for both rapid cycles of industrial character and traditional pottery for long cycles.

Temperature ranges:

  • Serie 1000   980º – 1 180º  The optimal development depends on the cooking cycle
  • Serie 800     780º – 890º    The optimal development depends on the cooking cycle

Water-based inks and suitable for lead-free dinnerware decoration. Decoration on bisque ceramic support, vitrified, on enamel or under esmalte.Tintas medium-fast drying. Easily cleanable with semi-wet cloth or paper. Wide color range with 14 basic colors, 4 metallic and three tip sizes :

1 mm for writing / profiler, 3mm to 4mm thin and thick strokes fills and strokes.

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