logo tecniclay miniaturaPorcellanic low temperature clays composition 100% natural for modeling, molding and lathe. Wide range of hues, very intense and miscible with each other, being able to reduce the intensity or get pastel shades combining the tone selected with the tecniClay neutral DPC-600.
Semi-vitreous temperature of 980º-1020º getting zero porosity and similar resistance to porcelain.

TecniClay is developed for both professional use and for beginners or inexperienced in the world of crafts thanks to its extraordinary elasticity and plasticity and behavior compensated both drying and firing. nice and smooth touch, perfect to make any shape or design. Suitable for both around to casting and modeling. Specially developed for decorating and unglazed single fired, so we advise our products DPCpigments, DPcolorGlaze, Crayocer, tecniPaint or tecniDraw fully adapted to work both monocción and double firing. Presentation in individual containers of 1 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg.

tecniClay white DPC550

tecniclay blanca

tecniClay black DPC551

tecniclay negra

tecniClay red DPC552

tecniclay roja

tecniClay green DPC553

tecniclay verde

tecniClay cobalt DPC554

tecniclay cobalto dpc554

tecniClay turquoise DPC555

tecniclay celeste

tecniClay yellow DPC557

tecniclay amarilla