logo productos tecnipaint 800The third fire decoration. Temperature range from 780º to 850º.

18 basic colors and 6 metallic shades. Presentation in 30ml packaging.

White DPC300

White DPC300

Cobalt Blue DPC309

cobalt blue DPC309

Blue DPC310

blue DPC310

Turquoise DPC313

turquoise DPC313

Lilac DPC311

violet DPC311

Purple DPC312

purple DPC312

Green Co DPC320

Cobalt green DPC320

Pistachio DPC321

pistachio DPC321

Chrome DPC322

Chrome green DPC322

Yellow DPC330

yellow DPC330

Orange DPC340

orange DPC340

Beige DPC341

brown beige DPC341

Coral DPC350

coral DPC350

Red DPC360

red DPC360

Pink DPC370

Dark pink DPC370

Chocolate DPC380

chocolate DPC380

Black DPC390

black DPC390

Grey DPC391

grey DPC391

Gold DPC392

tecnipaint  oro  DPC392

Old gold DPC393

tecnipaint oro  DPC393

Silver DPC394

tecnipaint  plata  DPC394

Steel DPC395

tecnipaint  acero  DPC395

Bronze DPC397

tecnipaint  Bronce  DPC397

Copper DPC398

tecnipaint cobre  DPC398