We are a family company, founded in 1999 dedicating ourselves to the development, manufacture and marketing of raw materials and finished products for the ceramic tile industry and handicrafts. Among the products marketed ceramic pigments are, being the official distributor of the multinational BASF in this sector.

We have offices in Manises (Valencia) and have an operations center in Onda (Castellón) with over 1000 m2 of facilities dedicated factory, warehouse, office and laboratory techniques.

Our fields of activity are the tile ceramic industry, distinguishing our products for their quality and adaptability of them to the specific needs of each company, providing businesses with optimum quality and service.

We also have the line of products for the craftsman and workshops dedicated to the elaboration and decoration of ceramics. In our small business status we can offer a personalized service to small business, providing treatment and flexibility to get difficult in large companies and multinationals.

Our final field of application is dedicated to ceramics in his side hobby, with products designed for people who have concerns and interests related to ceramics, for schools and training tslleres, and for anyone who wants to start in the field of creation and ceramic decoration, and these products without cooking and non-toxic.

In our company we have developed a quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2000